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General Information

Yes. Custom Iron manufactures spiral stairs and metal railing and panels for both interior and exterior use. Exterior stairs and stair components are fabricated in aluminum. We can also fabricate a completely set up steel stair for exterior use. Please indicate that your order will be used in an exterior installation at the time you request a quotation or place an order.


We estimate a ship date (which is different from a delivery date) at the time that your order is quoted or placed. The estimated ship date is given to you at the time when you place the order with any required approvals and/or payments. The ship date is the day that the order will be picked up from our factory in Zumbrota, Minnesota. The delivery date depends on the method of shipment and the destination.

Lead times vary depending on the product and the production schedule.

If you have a problem with your order, Custom Iron will work with you to resolve the problem. Please check your order upon arrival to ensure that the order is undamaged and complete. If you discover a problem, contact Customer Service immediately. You must contact us within 24 hours of receipt. See the "Damage and Shortage" topic in the Essential Information section and the Custom Iron Warranty for more information.

Spiral Stairs

Custom Iron spiral stairs are available with many options. The standard base price for a Custom Iron Spiral Stair includes: black powder coating, metal handrail cap, frame only treads, and frame only platform cover. The standard base price of a Custom Iron Spiral Stair is a complete spiral stair package.

Building codes and interpretations vary by locality.

Each Custom Iron spiral stair is made to your specifications. Our spiral stairs are NOT adjustable, and unlike spiral stair kits, do not need adjustment. Each stair is fully assembled in the factory prior to shipment to ensure that it will fit your specific floor-to-floor height.

Custom Iron can fabricate stairs to any size and dimension. However, local building codes often restrict stair size. Please contact your local building official before you order a spiral stair. A comfortable diameter for a residential stair is five feet. Many local building codes require a minimum of a five foot diameter stair. A Custom Iron stair requires a finished opening of at least four inches greater than the stair diameter. For example, a five-foot diameter stair requires a finished opening of at least 64 x 64 inches.

A Custom Iron stair platform is the uppermost piece on a spiral stair system. The spiral stair is fastened to the upper level floor through holes drilled in the platform base. A Custom Iron platform is designed to meet most building codes for minimum headroom.

Custom Iron stairs are anchored to the floor through holes provided in mounting plates on the center column sleeve and the bottom baluster. The stair is anchored to the upper level floor system through holes provided in the base of the stair platform. The type and size of fasteners used to anchor the stair and platform depends on the surface to which they are being anchored. It is up to you to determine what type of fastener is appropriate and to supply them.

We ship spiral stairs via common carrier. Our spiral stairs are normally shipped "knocked down" (KD). This means that the stair is disassembled and packaged on a 4x4 pallet enclosed in a cardboard box. We can also ship spiral stairs "set-up". A set-up stair is fully assembled and strapped to a 4 x 4 pallet. The cost for shipping "set-up" is significantly higher than for shipping "knocked down".

For an additional fee, you can also expedite shipment of your order (depending on weight and carrier availability). Please inquire.

For spiral stairs, we know the packaging and weight of a stair in advance. Therefore, we are able to quote a flat rate for shipping and handling. However, additional charges may apply for certain variations in the order. For example, additional railing over 15 feet and Residential Delivery would both incur extra shipping costs.

Metal Railing & Panel Systems

Custom Iron Panels are used in a railing either alone or with additional balusters. Panels are available in many configurations and can be fabricated for level, raked, or curved applications.

Custom Iron's Top Bar Panel is a framework for your balusters. The balusters (or pickets) that you choose are welded to a low-profile top bar that then creates a rigid section or panel. By selecting pickets and then using the top bar panel as your frame, installation time is significantly decreased.

All of our square balusters can be made with an optional pin top. Used with wood stair and railings, a pin top eliminates the need for bases that hide the holes created to accept the square balusters at the top and bottom. With a pin top picket, you can make a square peg fit into a round hole.

Custom Iron supplies newel posts for welded railing on balconies, open stairs and our spiral stairs. Newel posts are both structural and decorative components of a railing. Because of the unique circumstances of each individual railing installation, the structural suitability of specific combinations of balusters, newels and panels for any specific installed application is the responsibility of others. Check with your local stair builder, inspector, or building codes.

We ship metal railing parts (panels, balusters, railings, etc.) via selected commercial carriers. For an additional fee, you can also expedite shipment of your order (depending on weight and carrier availability). Please inquire.

General Freight and Shipping Info

If your order is ready to ship, but you are not yet ready to receive it, we will gladly store it for you for a nominal charge. However, payment is due as if the order was shipped.

All freight is F.O.B. Zumbrota, MN. Shipments are made via parcel service and licensed interstate common carriers to the address of your choice. A Common Carrier delivery is only to the tailgate of the truck. Though the driver may help, the driver is not responsible for removing the merchandise off the truck. You will be able to open the cartons and remove the stair or stair parts in several smaller pieces. Some carriers offer “Inside Delivery” for an additional charge. Please inquire at the time you place your order.

It is important to provide the correct information about the destination. The “Ship to” address is the destination address for a particular order. This might be another company or a residence. You should verify the "ship to" address on your order confirmation so that you do not incur additional charges from the freight company.

A frequently used additional freight service is “Residential Delivery”. Common Carriers consider any destination without a commercial loading dock to be a “Residential” delivery, or in the case of new construction a “Jobsite Delivery”. Additional services for additional fees include: residential delivery, jobsite delivery, liftgate, inside delivery, and phone notification.

If the freight company attempts to deliver your merchandise and no one is there to receive it, you will be charged a fee for redelivery. If you change the delivery address after the shipment has left the factory, there will be an additional reconsignment fee.

Express service delivery is available at an additional cost. Please inquire.

Your Responsibilities When Your Shipment Arrives

Upon arrival of the shipment and before signing the carrier’s bill, inspect the shipment for visible damage. If the packaging (cardboard boxes or boxed pallet) is damaged, take digital photos of the damaged packaging and/or any damaged product. Carefully open the outer packaging to inspect for damaged or missing items. Do not unband or remove fastened items. Note any shortage and/or damage to the product and/or packaging on the freight bill. Do not continue to unpack. Call us immediately. Custom Iron must be notified within 24 hours of delivery, of damage or shortage, concealed or otherwise.

If extensive damage is evident upon arrival of the shipment, Custom Iron might advise you to refuse to accept the shipment.

Finish Damage
Spiral stairs might incur small scratches during shipping. Touch-up paint will be provided for standard paint and powder colors. If extensive finish damage is evident upon receipt, follow the procedure above under “Your Responsibilities When the Shipment Arrives”.

Freight Claims
Custom Iron carefully inspects and packs each order before shipping. Custom Iron is not responsible for damage that occurs once the product leaves the factory. This includes shipment, on or off site storage, or damage that occurs during installation. If product is damaged during shipment, Custom Iron can help you file a claim with the freight carrier only if you noted the damage on the freight bill when the shipment was received. Custom Iron will provide you with the information you need to file a freight claim, but it is your responsibility to file the claim.

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