Spiral stairs that revolve around you.

Spiral stairs that revolve around you.

Custom, quality fabrication in the USA


D500 - The Expression

The D500 is like no other spiral stair you’ll find.  It’s a stair that evolves as you do– not only to provide perfect function in a beautiful form today, but also to change that form into whatever look you may decide you want in the future.

Choose from a number of laser panel options to tailor the look to fit your style, and at any time simply switch the laser panels to completely (and easily) change the look of the stair. 

Custom Iron is not your typical manufacturer of spiral stairs.

Custom Iron doesn’t believe you should settle for a one-size-fits-all spiral stair! That’s why we don’t sell kits. Instead, we build beautiful spiral stairs one at a time for a reasonable price. After assembly, each stair is just Knocked-Down (disassembled) into smaller components which are easier to ship as well as easier for you to handle. With our spirals, installation is simple. In fact, our installation instructions are only two pages long. Typically, two people could re-assemble one of our spiral stairs in just a couple of hours. No cutting, No drilling, No settling for an inferior stair. Our Spiral Stairs revolve around YOU! After all, isn’t that the way it should be?

Whether you’re looking for an entry level Spiral Stair like our D100 (Old Faithful), a more unique spiral so you can change the look whenever you want such as our D500 (The Expression), a Monobeam Stair, Railings, or something more custom than that, just know that we’ll work beside you on most any project you dream up to help bring it to reality for you!

Stair Company, NC
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“The install [of the Spiral Stair & Railings] went fast… Most importantly, the customer is very happy with the product.”
Customer, NY
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“Custom Iron is a true lock step partner. From simple to complex, James and Tonya are extremely helpful in getting the project done. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking excellence in ironwork.”
Customer, IL
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“We have been using Custom Iron for spiral stairs and balusters for over two decades now. Their products, pricing and customer service are all fantastic and they are a joy to work with!”
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